Video: What tech am I bringing to the Caminos in 2023?

After the sale of Buen Camino to a Spammer/Camino Agency by the owner, I am on my own channel. Today we’ll discussing the tech I am bringing to the Caminos this year. I am planning to walk until the weather does not make it fun anymore, so mid-November, early December, and optimizing my tech for this task has been on the back of my mind.

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Emden, Germany

This trip takes me to Emden, one of the most northern towns of Germany, close to the North Sea and not all too far from the Netherlands. In fact, having been Dutch about as long as German, it looks the part.

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Nicosia, Cyprus

I came to Nicosia in August of 2019. The heat was almost unbearable, sweat ran down my face every time I so much as opened a window. It was my first week, and I did not know about the pleasures of spending off time at the beach, where temperatures usually are up to ten degrees lower.

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Info and Disclaimer

Most of this site is, for the time being, in German. I am walking a number of trails within Germany that are of little (to no) interest to most non-German speakers.

Once I am on the Camino, you’ll find more posts here. Until then, enjoy the few posts I rescued from the old site. And the odd tech writing.