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Pollux' amazing hike through Europe...

Pollux is a plushie lynx lady walking 3000 kilometers this year. She’s doing all this to have amazing adventures and tell about them in postcards, videos, and photos to the kids at a children’s hospital long-term inpatient ward. More (and how you can help send a few postcards) can be found here.

Mikkountability (yesterday)

Mikkountability is my way to stay accountable to the kids, you, and myself. Data is being pulled from from my Apple Health database which is mainly fed from my Garmin watch. In the process, steps are often underreported by 20 to 40 percent. Everything else should be correct, though.

Garmin or Apple Watch

Apple Watch Ultra or Garmin? AWU 2 has shown, that Apple does not want to break into the focused athlete market. So, should we just all go Garmin?

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Video: What tech am I bringing to the Caminos in 2023?

After the sale of Buen Camino to a Spammer/Camino Agency by the owner, I am on my own channel. Today we’ll discussing the tech I am bringing to the Caminos this year. I am planning to walk until the weather does not make it fun anymore, so mid-November, early December, and optimizing my tech for this task has been on the back of my mind.

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What’s in a name?

Starting a new leaf should not hinge on old things. mikka.is was my SARS-CoV-2 exposure data site, maybe not the best place to document my “adventures.” So here’s 106 Trails.

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What is a Vákner?

A well known Camino myth, part of the Galician lore, and probably the most brazen brag by a 15th century pilgrim who, we assume, never left Rome.

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Emden, Germany

This trip takes me to Emden, one of the most northern towns of Germany, close to the North Sea and not all too far from the Netherlands. In fact, having been Dutch about as long as German, it looks the part.

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