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Admitting defeat vs. tactical withdrawal

Fucking up, getting up, dusting off, moving on.

I screw up more than I succeed. Which is OK, the goal isn’t to not fuck up, it’s to succeed in the end, no matter how many failures precede it.

Metal chains at the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz.

When I decided to walk for the coming 12 months, I sat down and pondered my options. Substack sounded like a good idea, it had a podcast and video feature, a mailing list as a first class citizen, and more. What I didn’t “see” so much as hoped wouldn’t be the case, and what turned out to be so, was the almost intolerable upsell and push towards paid newsletter functions.

I also did not realize how hard it would be to have a clearly demarcated German and English section.

Ghost sounded like a decent intermediary. Turns out it doesn’t do alt-tags for Images. A total no-no.

Well, this means I am doing what I’d hoped to avoid: hosting my own WordPress for now. If I go back to podcasting, I can make this work, and videos will have to go onto YouTube until PeerTube gets some more developer love.

So, what’s next?

The WordPress theme is not done yet. But German posts will be showing up at https://106trails.com/ while English ones can be found at https://106trails.com/en/. And, of course, there are RSS feeds for both and a handy language switcher in the header.

I’ll be posting a bit less frequent in the next few days, though you’ll be watching me setup my vlogging/video gear and try out Resolve on the 9-inch iPad.

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