Video: What tech am I bringing to the Caminos in 2023?

After the sale of Buen Camino to a Spammer/Camino Agency by the owner, I am on my own channel. Today we’ll discussing the tech I am bringing to the Caminos this year. I am planning to walk until the weather does not make it fun anymore, so mid-November, early December, and optimizing my tech for this task has been on the back of my mind.

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What’s in a name?

Starting a new leaf should not hinge on old things. was my SARS-CoV-2 exposure data site, maybe not the best place to document my “adventures.” So here’s 106 Trails.

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What is a Vákner?

A well known Camino myth, part of the Galician lore, and probably the most brazen brag by a 15th century pilgrim who, we assume, never left Rome.

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Info and Disclaimer

Most of this site is, for the time being, in German. I am walking a number of trails within Germany that are of little (to no) interest to most non-German speakers.

Once I am on the Camino, you’ll find more posts here. Until then, enjoy the few posts I rescued from the old site. And the odd tech writing.